The article mainly talks about ‘Wyndham’s email strategy’. The author analyzed the goal and operation of the email strategy. The company is trying to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention in order to meet their expectations. They are focusing on branding their business and to attract more customers.

Powerful Form of Marketing

It is important to attract customers and increase customer loyaltyFirst of all, I really like the word  ‘reason to believe’, because reputation is important for an organization to run their business. It is the core of an enterprise development. Derisa (2016) states, “Trident gum’s “4 out of 5 dentists” is a simple example of an effective RTB. The use of reasons-to-believe can apply to any person, product, service, or business” (para. 1).

Certainly, when customers got their feedback, they can provide that information to others in the mouth or on the Internet. It will also create the first impression for those potential customers. I would like to trust the company I always connect with. That will save my time to experience a new environment.

Email Strategy

  • Marketing strategy is necessary for every organizationEngage; energize; inform
  • News; benefits; offers
  • E-newspapers; member berks; announcements
  • Lab experiments-surround sound’-amplify the voice
  • Work with a cross-functional team


Loyalty Promote Program

Customer Benefit is a good method to attract customersAnother area that I really agree with is they provide customers with some benefits. They expect those reward members to consider them for the next trip. Furthermore, as a customer, I would like to compare with other companies. I might choose the one provides the most benefit to us.

They expect them to become part of a reward member to accumulate the points. For those who are already become a reward member, they hope them to experience again get” discounts on local attractions and events” (DMN Editorial Team, 2016, para. 1). It is a good method for an organization to promote their product.

By providing benefits for customers, they might feel evolved and their satisfaction will be increased a lot. In the words of Greenhaw (2012), “The incentives work well to build loyalty and repeat sales because customers have a previous history of shopping at the store is likely to shop there again” (para. 4). The advantages of promotion can be seen when there are some other competitors. I believe that people would choose the one that they’ve experienced before.

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