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Elephant-SymbolI’d like to say that I was attracted by the layout of the website. It is quite clean and clear that I could easily know what this article about, which is a trip of smile. Although there is some advertisement on the website, it is well organized on the page, and not that annoying.

I do understand what they offer. While looking at the website, it gives a specific point of views that suggest people visit. It describes the unique smile service. On the other hand, I didn’t see a lot of content of the local food, recommendations, traffic, and festivals. But I do know about the theme that ‘land of smile’, the website explains a lot about that.

“The Land of Smile”

People and TraditionsThis website provides information about the unique culture of Thailand. It is a good way to put title and subtitle on the website, which makes the website looks much more clear. Also, it is a good way to put an image on the page, so that people might get more intuitive feelings while landing on the site.

Everything looks great so far, however, it’s better to put more images on the page, so that people can see what is the destination look like before getting there. Also, the content can be more vivid; talk about more unique characteristics of Thailand might be better and more attractive.

Create your wonderful experience

FestivalsThe website provides some relative links on the right side of the page so that if someone would like to know more about the nature view of Thailand, they can click on and get the information. Also, the advertisement on the website is not really useless, those are cheap flight and hotel options for the guests to choose from.


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